Surnames I am researching from my family:

Brenner:   John Brenner came to the USA in 1854 (age 18) from Adelshofen, Baden.  He settled in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio, near his brother Conrad and his aunt Katharina (Winterbauer).  The Brenners have mostly lived in the Youngstown area.  Related by marriage are Welks, Coles, Renkenbergers, Crumrines, Miedings, and Deeters.

Deeter:  The Deeters are also from Ohio — Miami and Montgomery Counties; and finally in and around Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio.  Related by marriage are the Kneppers and Smiths.

Mieding:  The Miedings (originally from Germany) came to the Youngstown area from Rochester, Monroe County, New York.  Related by marriage are Messeralls (Pennsyvania), Schaars (Germany then New York), and Shoemakers.

Smith:  Richard Smith came from England (not confirmed) to Pennsylvania.  The Smiths then migrated from Pennsylvania to Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, and then to the Youngstown area.   Related by marriage are Boyers/Beyers (Germany then Pennsylvania), Barthels/Bartles (Pennsylvania), Wentzels (Pennsylvania), Bucks (Pennsylvania), and Albrights (Pennsylvania).

Surnames I am researching from my wife’s family:

Weaver:  Charles Weber came from Baden, Germany and changed his surname to Weaver.  The Weavers have subsequently lived in and around Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.   Related by marriage are the Fitzmaurices (Ireland then Ohio), McCarthys, Cooks, Glavins, Lewises, Hills, and Greggs.

Hill:  I know very little about the Hills.  Emma Francis Hill was orphaned as a child.  The Hills come from Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.   Emma’s mother was a Lewis.

Gregg:  Joseph Gregg came to Kentucky from Virginia sometime in the first two decades of the 19th Century.  The Greggs lived subsequently lived in northern Kentucky (especially in and around Louisville, Brown County, Kentucky).  Related by marriage are the Spitzers, Grahams, Tobins, Browns, Crumes, Barrets, and Cottons.

Spitzer: Rudolph Allen Spitzer was born in Canada in 1856.  He eventually migrated to Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.  Related by marriage are the Andersons, Garvins, Bradfords, Shuberts, Wheelers, and Offuts.

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  1. If you have any need of Messerall information, I might be able to help. I have been tracking them for many years! Feel free to contact me.

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