Aug 162013

Evidentia-7 (Logo)In a previous post (Claims Extraction Templates) I described the process by which I began to develop templates in LibreOffice Calc through which Claims from the 1930 US Census could be extracted and then entered into Evidentia.  I had used the 1930 Census as the example and included links to the resulting spreadsheet template for 1930 US Census, as well as a text file (generated in Notepad) that contained the individual formulas that I had used.  At the time I had developed spreadsheets for all the censuses from 1850 to 1940, but was not ready to share them until I have revised them.  (I was learning as I progressed from one census year to another.)

I have completed my revision of the 1910 1920 Claims Templates using LibreOffice Calc.  (They should also open in Excel).  Each time I revise one of the spreadsheets I learn more.  By the time I’m done I may really begin to understand what I am doing.

The link for the 1910 Claims Templates is

The link for the 1910 formulas used (as a Notepad text file) is

the 1920 Claims Templates can be downloaded from

The formulas for the 1920 spreadsheet can be downloaded from

Happy extracting!

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