Jun 212013

During DearMyrtle’s Google+ hangout on Mastering Genealogical Proof last week, panelists were asked where they put their proof conclusions.  Those using regular genealogy database software (RootsMagic, Legacy, Family Tree Maker, etc.) have the option of storing proofs as notes attached to either the fact/event or to the person.  Those professional genealogists who do their work using a word processor are not so limited.

I recently watched the Evidentia video explaining how to use a GEDCOM export to transfer proof conclusions to either a person note or a fact/event note.  Frankly, I had not made up my mind which option I would choose.

Suddenly I realized, however, that my options were more open.  I have made the  decision to use my TNG website as my primary genealogy database.  It has the option of a wiki page for each person in the database.  Previously (prior to the time that MediaWiki was integrated into TNG) I had experimented with developing such a wiki page.  At the time, I focused on developing a basic form using data about my 2g grandfather, John Brenner.  As I reflected on the question about proof conclusions, I began to realize that TNG’s wiki integration and my previous experiment with MediaWiki provided me with a more creative option.

I still need to have my son do some tweaking of the MediaWiki integration with our TNG website.  So, I started with LibreOffice Writer.  I used the format I had previously developed and updated the data I had entered for John Brenner.  I am in the early stages of entering data into Evidentia and have not entered enough claims for John Brenner to use Evidentia’s analysis and conclusions.  Instead, I did my analysis and conclusions using LibreOffice.  While our TNG-MediaWiki is not quite ready for prime time, I still wanted to see what it would look like in a wiki, so I transferred (cut and paste) the information to a ZOHO Wiki page and tweaked the formatting.  I have exported the wiki page as a PDF file and saved it to my Google Drive (and made it share-able).  You can access it by this link:  John Brenner’s WikiPage

I would be delighted to have you look at this work-in-progress and make comments about form and/or content.  I will continue to work on and hopefully improve John Brenner’s wiki page.  Once we get the MediaWiki function of our TNG website working to my satisfaction and have processed more conclusions using Evidentia, I will begin developing TNG wiki pages (with proof conclusions) for other ancestors.  So, take a look and let me know what you think.  Your input could be a big help!  Thanks!

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  1. Bart,

    I did a series of blog posts on this topic with Family Tree Maker. What you described is the problem I had.


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