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On Sunday afternoon, 9 September 1962, Susan Frances Weaver and I were joined in holy matrimony at the Riverdale Methodist Church in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States.  Today Susan and I celebrate 50 years of marriage.  Our son will be in from California; our daughter and her family live about 25 minutes away.  The whole family will go to church together in the morning, followed by a luncheon with family and friends.  Then, on Wednesday, Susan and I leave for Seattle for a couple days of sightseeing before we board the cruise ship for our trip to Alaska.  The bonus for me is that this cruise, sponsored by Wholly Genes (The Master Genealogist), will make 17 hours of genealogy workshops available while we are on the open sea (Thomas Jones, Mark Lowe, Debra Mieszala, Paul Milner, Craig Scott, and Thomas MacEntee).  Genealogy plus the Inland Passage, twin Sawyer glaciers, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.  What a way to celebrate!

But, as a genealogist / family historian, celebrations are an opportunity to look back, as well as forward.  So here is a simple pictorial retrospective of our 50 years together…  plus a poem written by my Great Aunt Katie to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her parents, my great grandparents, Lloyd and Mary Ellen (Cole) Brenner.












Susan and I became the parents of two wonderful children, Russell and Cheryl.












The family historian in me cannot resist a few 4-generations pictures:

Me, great-grandfather Lloyd Brenner, Dad, Grandpa George H. Brenner. (about 1943)

Susan’s parents (Maurie and Peggy Weaver);her grandparents (John and Emma Weaver); Susan, Russ, & I. (about 1965)

Cheryl, Dad, Grandma (Grace Mieding Brenner), me, and Russ. (about 1967)

Me, son Russ, daughter Cheryl, Susan, my mother holding Cheryl’s daughter Olivia.(2004)












The final part of this brief family retrospective is from my great-aunt, Katie.  Aunt Katie was my grandpa Brenner’s sister.  Among other accomplishments, she was a poet.  On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of  her parents, Mary Ellen (Cole) and Lloyd Brenner, she prepared the following poem:

They have traveled, side by side,

O’er life’s highway, fifty years.

Helped bear each other’s burdens,

Helped calm each other’s fears.

Thru stormy days and sunshine,

Thru times of smiles and tears,

They’ve climbed life’s hill together

Hand in Hand these fifty years.

‘Tis their Golden Anniversary

And the summit of the hill.

Now they’re standing smiling there,

For you see they’re sweethearts stil

Our wish for them on this day

Is just happiness and health,

For it they have both of these

They possess abundant wealth.

(K. B. Bode)
















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  1. Congratulations Bart and Susan on 50 years of marriage. You have been blessed, and been a blessing to your family and friends. I hope that you enjoy your cruise! Linda and I were on the 2008 TMG cruise and enjoyed the camaraderie and the classes with notable genealogists.

    All the best, and many more years of togetherness for you two — Randy Seaver

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