Mar 032012

I have been doing some organization work over the past couple of weeks.  My latest project has been the consolidation of a couple of Research Checklists (Worksheets) that I have saved but not used.  Since I recently downsized my primary genealogy database from 7000 persons to 700, it is a good time to begin building Research Worksheets for each of the primary, direct-line ancestors in my new primary database.  I have mini-version of a tracking list in my Research Wiki, but it is designed to highlight the data I have.  I need a more comprehensive tracking list that shows me both the data I have and the missing data.  It is, of course, the missing data that will set the direction for much of my future research.   I am aware that there are a number of good tracking lists available.  I find, however, that building my own a) gives me greater familiarity with the worksheet, b) gives me more encouragement to use the worksheet, and c) gives me the ability to continually adapt (and grow) the worksheet to fit with my needs and research style.

I have developed my Research Worksheet using LibreOffice Calc (spreadsheet).  I do not intend to use the Worksheet for primary data entry; instead, it is a check-list indicating what data I have and what data I don’t have. Here is my first filled-in Research Worksheet for John A. Smith (my 2g-grandfather).

I have placed a strikethrough for those items for which I have no data.  I have bolded and underlined those for which I do have data.  In a few cases (residence locations), I have entered some of the content because these locations could be basic clues for next research steps.

I would appreciate any input regarding additional information that might be well to include in the Worksheet.  What would you add?  or change?  I expect this form to be fluid for a while while I begin to use it.

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