Oct 092011

Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogical Fun this week is to 1) check statistics in my Genealogy Management Program (GMP) and 2) tell which GMP I use and list the statistics in a blog post, etc.

I use RootsMagic 4 as my primary desktop GMP and my online GMP is BrennerFamilyTree using TNG.

This is a good time for me to check statistics between the two GMP’s.  While my untimate goal is to get all my data into the online BrennerFamilyTree, my primary GMP is still RootsMagic 4.  My last upload to TNG was 11 May 2011.  My RootsMagic 4 database is current as of this evening.  My goal has been to get my source citations in order in RootMagic 4 before my next upload to TNG.  Looking at the statistics for the two GMPs will tell me how much progress I have made since May.  In the following list, current stats from RootsMagic 4 are listed first, with the statistics from TNG’s May upload in parentheses:

                               RM4     (TNG)          difference
People…                 5012     (4947)              +65
Families…               1748     (1728)              +20
Unique Surnames    1086     (1051)              +35
Events                     9171     (????)
Places                       713     ( 707)              +06
Sources                    164     (  117)              +47
Citations                 2468     (  117)              +2315

In the past five months I have added a few individuals and families to my working database (RM4).  The big change, however, is in the addition of a significant number of citations.  That reflects the work I have done over the past five months.  Hopefully, in another 5 or 6 months I will have doubled or tripled the number of citations.  It is slow work, but rewarding to see the changes in statistics.

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