Sep 292011

This week’s assignment for 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog is to Update a Key Page.

If you have followed “Stardust ‘n’ Roots” in the past, you will perhaps notice a  change on the home page.  Using Blogger’s “dynamic views,” I have revised the basic format of the blog, while maintaining some of its previous look.  The view into deep space that has served as the background for my blog for some time remains. If you notice, however, my blog posts cover the width of the content area.  Previously a portion of the screen was taken up by the sidebar.  I have moved the Welcome message into the header, have removed a number of features that seemed to provide a lot of clutter in the sidebar, and moved the rest to the footer.  My goal in all this — make it easier for those who choose (like you) to read my blog posts more easily.  I think this looks neater and cleaner.  I removed the brief “About Me” item from the sidebar because I already have a separate page about me and another one about my blog.  (Check out the tabs at the bottom of the header.)

  4 Responses to “#31WBGB: Update a Key Page”

  1. I like it it has a very clean look. I'm still messing around with my main page I'm still not happy with it but I know it'll get there.

  2. I like your new streamlined look. It's very easy to navigate and still focus on your postings. I'm still playing with mine.

  3. It's a lovely, clean look. I hope you never change the stardust background, though; I really like it.

  4. Thanks, all, for the affirmations. Yes, I intend to keep the view into deep space as the background. It helps remind me who we all are – the universe's capacity for self-reflection and meaning-making.

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