Sep 232011
This weeks task from Tonia ( isplanning a posting schedule (aka editorial calendar) to keep up with all those ideas [that we developed in last week’s challenge].
This will be a first for my blog. I have worked totally on serendipity and “as the spirit strikes me.” I have previously not set any goals about how often I want to publish a post or what the nature of those posts might be. Recently my posting has been somewhat more ordered because of my participation each week in #31WBGB and the beginning of the US-RES Study Group.
While I procrastinated making decisions about setting up a posting schedule, I decided to copy Tonia’s spreadsheet idea for my Editorial Calendar.  
Of course, I was immediately able to enter a weekly post for #31WBGB. Not knowing how often I would be developing posts for the US-REC Study Group, I initially put it in every week, but then decided that every other week might be more appropriate since a lot of the interchange goes into our Facebook group. The final decision was to include a once-a-week post drawn directly from my genealogy – initially using the list of ideas for blog posts that I developed last week as part of #31WBGB.

I won’t promise to ‘slavishly’ follow the Editorial Calendar.  I tend to “go with the flow;” but I will give it my best.  I suspect that use it some of the time and not use it at other times.  It’s primary use for me may using it as a place to store ideas that I am not ready to write about right now.  We’ll see!

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