Sep 172011

This week’s challenge from Tonia’s Roots is to review my last five posts, brainstorming ideas about how each post might be extended — for example:

  • Pick up a question or idea from the comments
  • Explore the opposite point of view from the post
  • If you do news posts or press releases, then write an opinion piece
  • Take a theoretical post and write a “how-to” on the same subject
  • Expand on ideas you may have glossed over in the first post

As often happens with my research, one thing leads to another which goes in a different direction which…  In short, reviewing my five most recent posts led me back to many previous posts and even to emails about posts.  I didn’t even try to “mind map” the circuitous route that lead to the following ideas for new posts:

  1. Since this is my 99th post, my next post is #100.  What have I learned about blogging and about genealogy at this mile marker along the adventuresome genealogy highway?
  2. Picking up an old theme in my blog:  Blogging my Ahnentafel – I would do separate posts on John Brenner (#16), Mary Ellen Cole (#9), Edward Herman Mieding (#10).
  3. “Slogging Thru the Citation Maze” (a comment by Geder Genealogy)
  4. Genealogy Feeding Frenzy (pick another of my ancestors for whom I have little information).
  5. “The Cosmic Genealogy Blog Club” ( a comment by by Tony Timmons – Ancestral Wormhole)
  6. “Multiple Personality Disorder” Genealogy / Genealogists (a comment by Jill Ball – Geniaus)
  7. “Pirates of the Caribbean” Genealogy — Redux  (an old blog post of mine)
  8. Genealogical “Meandering” (a comment by Greta Koehl – Greta’s Genealogy Blog)
  9. “On Listening to the Genealogy Gods” (opposite point of view re: recent post of mine)
  10. “Forward to the Basics” (What are genealogy basics in a Web 2.0 / 3.0 world?)
  11. My Experience with Research Summaries (a goal I set as part of the US-REC study group)
I am impressed with those who already have a number of topics chosen for future posts.  I have gone from post to post, writing when the spirit strikes or when I’ve decided that it has been long enough without a post. Maybe this will jump-start a new pattern for me (but, I’ll not hold my breath on that one!)   Any way, this was a good exercise and it did give me some good ideas to choose from.

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  1. Good list, Bart! I'll be interested to see your take on genealogy basics in a web 2.0+ world.

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