Aug 232011

Tonia’s challenge this week

  1. Spend 10-15 minutes interlinking previously written posts in your archives.
  2. Share your thoughts in the comments section:  a)  Have you interlinked posts in the past?  b) How often do you find yourself providing internal links?

 In the past, I have linked to old blog posts, but have not interlinked.  This was an interesting challenge; fortunately, it was not too difficult to accomplish.

I didn’t have to go very far back.  I had just discovered some information with which I needed to update my posts about Aaron B. Knepper:

That, of course, meant writing a new post (Aaron B. Knepper Redux). All three posts are now interlinked.
Tonia also provided us with an Extra Action Item:  “make sure that you have some kind of statistics tracking package installed on your blog” because “later in the series, we will talk about monitoring blog statistics.”  Blogger is my current blog platform.  I just discovered the “Stats” tab on my Dashboard.  In reviewing that, I was impressed with the information available to me.  I began to check out Google Analytics.  In the process of signing up, I began to read the instructions for installing Google Analytics.  It did not seem to be as simple and as straight-forward as one might suspect (since two Google products are involved).  So I ‘googled’ “blogger stats or google analytics.”   The most interesting link was to “Blogger Stats vs. Google Analytics: A Study in Simplicity” on the groovyPost Blog.   groovinJackman makes a good case for sticking with Blogger Stats.  Tonia indicates that she uses WordPress Stats and Google Analytics because “because I am just that much of a geek.”  I guess I am willing to be less of a geek on this one.  I will continue to do some research on the subject (and may give Google Analytics a trial run) but I’m going to stick with simplicity this time around.  And…   I am looking forward to the time that our challenge gets us into the traffic statistics for the blog.

  One Response to “#31WBGB: Interlink Old Blog Posts”

  1. I started using StatCounter (free) when I was a church office assistant in charge of the church website. I use it for my website now, and love it!
    Claudia Breland

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