Jul 222011

Tonia’s challenge this week’s was to choose one or more from a list of 11 ways to promote a blog post “that you’ve never done before and use it to promote one of your posts.”

My blog post was “6 Types of Genealogical Collaboration,”  a follow-up to a previous post (#8 on Tonia’s list) with an internal link to that previous post (#4).  I listed it on my Facebook page and to my Google+ genealogy circle (#2).  Since the original idea for a post on genealogical collaboration came from Dean Richardson Genlighten newsletter, with follow-up email conversation with Cindy Richardson, I sent them an email with a link to the new post (#1).  This morning I discovered that the latest Genlighten newsletter mentions both posts, includes links, and encourages their readers to “check them out.”

At the end of the post, I wrote: “How do you collaborate with others?  What does your genealogical collaboration look like?  I’d be interested in hearing from you.”   So far, two comments list both the readers’ joy of collaborating and specific ways of collaborating.  One comment raises a question about how to categorize participation in online family trees.  I will probably respond to that last comment with a new post.

In the past, I have made no effort to promote any blog post.  I have assumed that having written and published a post was all that I needed to do.  WRONG!  A little extra effort can bring additional additional recognition and viewers.  Since this blog had been dormant for a number of months, 31 WBGB has already provided a remarkable “kick start” for me.  I needed it to get back to writing.  Thanks Tonia!

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  1. Glad this worked for you! I really like the way you expanded the idea by sending follow-up emails to the people who sparked the idea. Very smart.

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