Mar 112010
As you can plainly see, the blog has a new design.  Blogger has just made available its beta Blogger Template Designer which I was able to use to re-design and customize the template for this blog.  It was fairly easy to do, had lots of options, and showed me how the changes would look as I tested out the various options. 
I was pleased to be able to widen the actual space for my posts.  You can adjust the width of posts and sidebar(s).  You can have one or two sidebars; or none at all.  If desired, the gadgets in the sidebar can all be placed at the bottom of the page.   Every element of the blog template (color, font type, font size and attributes, placement, background) is customizable.   Pretty Neat!
If you have a Blogger-based blog, you can re-design your blog as easily as I did mine.  The trick is that you can’t use the regular link to your Blogger Dashboard.  Instead, go to Blogger In Draft and begin to have some fun. 

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