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Today, among my wife’s cookbooks, I discovered a gem – a booklet of recipes issued for the 1990 Weaver Annual Reunion (12 August 1990). 

The center fold was a five generation Weaver family tree.  (I removed the names of spouses and children the bottom of the tree.)

My favorite recipe in the 24 page booklet came from Marc who was, as you can see, only 4 years old.
1 BOXFULL, Jello
Cottage Cheese
1/2 full Cool Whip
1 canfull Mandarin oranges
Put Jello in it and chill for 1 hour

One family member who claimed that she “doesn’t cook” added this RECIPE FOR A HAPPY FAMILY:
Take – 1 small home
Add – 1 bride & groom
Stir in – 7 children ( one at a time)

Mix well with laughter and tears.
Blend all together, and falvor with a sprinkling of in-laws.

Result:  a Weaver Reunion

The back cover contained the final gem:  GRANDPA WEAVER’s TOAST AT FAMILY MEALS:

Here’s to those we love
Here’s to those who love us
Here’s to those who love them that we love,
And to those who love them who love us.

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  1. What a great find – the best kind of cookbook of all!

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