Feb 272010

It is time for a final accounting:


1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources!
150 sources cited in Research log; filed and indexed in Research wiki.  (Alright, enough already!  I continue to “Go Back and Cite” but I an not counting anymore.)
Platinum Medal

2. Back Up Your Data!
C. Data backed up using flash drive, external hard drive, and online. 
D. All data backed up digitally and secured physically (I am confident of being able to recover from a disaster while losing a month or less of research work.)
Silver Medal

3. Organize Your Research!
B. Organized 140 digital files into folders, labeled, etc.
E. Scanned 28 documents…     created 24 digital entries in my database
F. Created a master list of files, posted in Research wiki, described process in blog post, notified son.
Gold Medal

4.Expand Your Knowledge
A. Created a Google Map for my gg-grandfather’s home and work in Youngstown, Ohio, and posted it on my blog.
B. Created a timeline for my gg-grandfather, John Brenner, and posted it on my blog.
C. Created a memorial page for my Dad, Donald George Brenner, on Footnote’s Create A Page.
D. Visited and read articles on tutorial and learning pages of Ancestry.com, FamilySearch, National Geological Society, Genealogy.com.
E. Used Wordle to create two surname visualizations and posted the graphics on my blog
Platinum Medal

5. Write, Write, Write!
A. Wrote a summary of my blog and posted it as a new page on the blog.
C. Wrote and pre-published three blog posts.
D. Wrote a brief biographical sketch of my gg-grandfather and published it in my blog along with the timeline I created for his life.
E. Created a new page on my blog listing the surnames I am researching.
Diamond Medal

6.Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!
A. Commented on four new (to me) genealogy blogs
D. Assisted another researcher by providing photos and a document regarding a person we are jointly researching.
G. Using Blogger’s Follow feature, I added five more genealogy blogs that I am following.
Gold Medal

Final tally:  1 Silver medal; 2 Gold medals; 1 Diamond medal; 2 Platinum medals.

I must say “I surprised myself!”  I expected to complete 4 or 5 tasks… and I actually completed 18.  What a great way to move my research into high gear!   Thanks, Thomas, for initiating this challenge; and thanks to all the others who participated.  I had a blast!

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  1. Congratulations on a fine finish!

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