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Come on in and join us at the kitchen table. We've got a pot of spiced tea brewing and a plate of scones, hot from the oven. Sit a spell, relax and enjoy yourself; and we'll swap some family stories.

We are in the process of gathering and displaying as much information as we can about the ancestral families of Barthel Lee Brenner (born 9/16/1940 in Youngstown, Ohio) and Susan Frances Weaver (born 2/10/1942 in Dayton, Ohio). So far, we have traced the Brenner family back through Johannes Brenner (born 2/10/1836 in Adelshofen, Baden, Germany) who came to America in 1855, changed his name to John Brenner. John lived in Youngstown. The Weaver family also has German roots. Franz Karl Weber (born in 1827) changed his name to Charles Weaver when he arrived in America. The family lived in Dayton, OH. In addition to the Brenners and Weavers, our family includes Deeters, Greggs, Miedings, Spitzers, Smiths, Hills, Coles, Bradfords, and many others. Take time to look at the families and individuals in our genealogical past. Perhaps there is some connection with your family history. If so, let us know; perhaps we can exchange information.

(Please note: unless you are registered on this site as a family member, you will not be able to view data on anyone who is currently alive. This protects the privacy of the records of our family members.)

We hope you will enjoy your sojourn with our family.

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